This gayo. This fucking gayo.

This post is dedicated to Jenny Trout, even though she probably does not care about K-pop. The title was just too perfect of an opportunity for a pun and a reference to her glorious Fifty Shades of Grey recaps.

SBS’s 2015 gayo daejun is four hours of mind-numbing sound and fury, signifying nothing, except perhaps how much I hate myself. Even if you don’t hate yourself, this gayo will drain the the will to live right out of you.

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White Artists Doing Asian Pop: Racist or Not?

So lately the blogosphere has lit up with talk of white pop artists trying their hand at Asian pop music. In particular, I’m going to talk about these two:


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Sexy is as Sexy Does: A Reprise


Recently, I finally wrote a post on a topic that had been on my mind for a while: gender and sexuality in K-pop. The post was largely inspired by the slew of sexy girl group concepts that have come out lately. In it, I attempted to articulate why I believe the fan community (at least online) reacts the way it does to sexy concepts in girl group videos vs. boy groups (and also what a “sexy concept” means for a girl group vs. a boy group). I had thought the “sexy concept” craze peaked with AoA’s “Miniskirt” (which recently got the group their first music show #1) but it turns out I was wrong. This video came out.

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WASSUP – “WASSUP” or “No” – “Just No.”


Warning: The following recap contains lots of pictures!

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I Shall Defy the Laws of Physics, or U-KISS "TickTack" music video review


OK so you guys know I’ve got mad love for U-KISS by now. Probably more than is healthy. So I have to recap their latest video “TickTack.” It’s actually a J-pop song, and not a K-pop one, but whatever, it’s still U-KISS. And it is glorious.

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