Mona Lisa Smize

JOON: “For the last time, I’m not dressed as a bathroom rug. I’m supposed to be a yeti. A very attractive yeti.”

MIR: “You’re not smizing, Joon. SMIZE. And hurry up, I’m late for a polo match.”

THUNDER: “I’m wearing a suit onesie. A fucking tweed suit onesie. Fuck my life.”

SEUNGHO: “Oh wow, I’m actually the most normally dressed person here.”

G.O: “Just wait, Seungho. Next time, they’re going to stick you in a ladies’ blouse and a duster with a skirt. You just wait.”

noona noona jimmmaaaaaaa

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OK, you know I’ve got mad love for Teen Top. No, really. Stop looking at me like that. “No More Perfume On You” has been my jam lately. Mostly because I didn’t know what the words meant. Thanks to Simon and Martina, however, I realize now what a hot mess that whole concept is and I must join them in asking, “WTF is their management thinking?” I might be a creeper but come on, people. This is some Mary Kay Laterneau shit up in here.

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We love the 80s

YUNHO: Dude, check out my new look. It’s like, Billy Ray Cyrus meets Foghorn Leghorn. Badass, right? I call it chic-ken. Like “chic” + “chicken.” Get it?
MAX: Dude, maybe it’s time to lay off the soju.
YUNHO: You’re one to talk. Where did you get those janky clip-ons from, my old Barbies?
MAX: …
YUNHO: I meant my sister’s old Barbies.
MAX: Sure you did, Yunho. Sure you did.

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