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U-KISS just don’t give a shit anymore and i am LIVING

So recently, former U-KISS member Dongho abruptly announced his marriage and his wife’s possible pregnancy in a move that shocked many¬†former U-KISS fans. Not to be outdone, Eli took to instagram like “Y’all think Dongho got married first? Well, I … Continue reading

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U-KISS to embarrass themselves with american debut; in other news, bears shit in the woods and the pope is catholic

Yes, you read right. Before I continue allow me to make one thing abundantly clear: I love U-KISS. I love them more than is probably healthy. I love the Neverland album so much I fuck it. And I ain’t hearing … Continue reading

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First poast

Greetings, friends and Korean pop music (k-pop) lovers and drive-by snarkers. You might know me from my teen movie/TV/lit blog, The Unicorner. Here I will continue to do what I do best–provide my unsolicited and completely unbiased commentary and hope … Continue reading

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