U-KISS just don’t give a shit anymore and i am LIVING


So recently, former U-KISS member Dongho abruptly announced his marriage and his wife’s possible pregnancy in a move that shocked many former U-KISS fans. Not to be outdone, Eli took to instagram like “Y’all think Dongho got married first? Well, I got that little shit beat! I’ve had a girlfriend for 5 years and we’re married and she’s pregnant, suck on that!” I’ve yet to see how K-fans are reacting, though I-fans on omonatheydidnt seem mostly amused and perplexed. K-fans probably won’t care since they’ve specialized in ignoring U-KISS in the face of extreme bops like “Neverland” and “Stop Girl” and are too busy fapping over the latest aural bowel movements from more popular artists instead; J-fans are probably scoffing at how lightweight this scandal is compared to their usual fare. Since Japan seems to be the market U-KISS is concentrating on (which makes sense, since unlike SK they’re moderately successful there), I predict this news shall pass without much fanfare.

On Ahjummas Anonymous, however, we’re celebrating. Congrats to the happy couple, may they have beautiful pigeon offspring!

U-KISS to embarrass themselves with american debut; in other news, bears shit in the woods and the pope is catholic

Yes, you read right. Before I continue allow me to make one thing abundantly clear: I love U-KISS. I love them more than is probably healthy. I love the Neverland album so much I fuck it. And I ain’t hearing your old-as-dirt jokes about “flop”-dom and “relevancy.” To me, arguing one K-pop band’s “relevancy” over another in terms of international fandom is like nerds fighting to the death over Star Trek vs. Star Wars. To anyone outside the Internet, you all wear fake vulcan ears and still play with action figures, yo.

All y'all Amurricans ain't ready for this

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First poast

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