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“I Can’t Believe It’s Not Exploitation!” or the problem of Stellar

ETA: This post was written before the release of the “Sting” music video, but having viewed the video, my impressions here remain largely unchanged. Few K-pop groups—particularly rookie groups—have received as polarized of a fandom reaction as Stellar. The group … Continue reading

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Male gaze is the new black

It’s summertime in K-pop land which means a slew of girl group music videos featuring suggestive choreography and minimal clothing. There are a few possible reasons for this. One, it’s hot outside and they’d probably faint if they tried dancing in … Continue reading

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“My oppa’s more flawless than yours!”

One of the challenges of being an international K-pop fan is dealing with the rampant racism, colorism, and cultural appropriation within the industry. This is not to say that Korean fans don’t deal with it, either, but due to cultural … Continue reading

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MBLAQout ’14

2014 is on a roll. It’s been claiming veteran groups left and right, starting with EXOdus and, after enough bad fortune befell SM groups, decided to move on to the B-list and hit MBLAQ. Kris Wu, the K-pop mockingjay. What … Continue reading

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Exocalypse ’14

It seems everyone has something to say about Exocalypse ’14 (if you’ve been living under a rock, you will see what I’m referring to soon enough). So it’s time for me to add my 2 cents, I suppose.

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White Artists Doing Asian Pop: Racist or Not?

So lately the blogosphere has lit up with talk of white pop artists trying their hand at Asian pop music. In particular, I’m going to talk about these two:

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Sexy is as Sexy Does: A Reprise

Recently, I finally wrote a post on a topic that had been on my mind for a while: gender and sexuality in K-pop. The post was largely inspired by the slew of sexy girl group concepts that have come out … Continue reading

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