troublemaker: a coda

No, Hyuna and Larry do not pull an Alias-like magical plot twist and are actually secretly alive because the ones who killed each other were actually their doubles and the real Hyuna and Larry are still out there and will return with the wonderful cat for a sequel. Although that would be awesome.

It seems like there’s been quite a bit of blowback regarding the Troublemaker vid and performances. The choreography was changed┬áin live performances due to controversy over the moves being “too sexy” for TV. Stateside, there’s been controversy over a rather… strongly worded review of the video over at Eat Your Kimchi. Now, while I personally do not know Simon and Martina, I do enjoy their blog and believe it is a pretty valuable resource for international K-pop fen. I hoped I was not stepping on their toes when I started this blog, but I feel reassured that other than the focus on K-pop it’s quite different in content and reviewing style (not saying any one is better than the other, either, just different). I have read their “Troublemaker” blog entry and watched the review video. This entry is admittedly partially a response to it, but mostly, it’s a response to the controversy over this video and over Hyuna in general.

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but-but… what happened to the cat?

OK so Hyuna and Hyunseung–excuse me, JS–collaboration “Troublemaker” has been quite the controversial topic lately in the online K-pop community (like pretty much anything else Hyuna has ever done). So of course I’m going to talk about it here.

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