Ahjummas Anonymous’s Hot 100 2015: Men

It’s that time again! Time for Ahjummas Anonymous’s highly objective and impartial list:


Because there really aren’t that many K-pop idols to rank, rather than open the list up to non-Korean celebs (seeing as this is a K-pop blog) I’ve decided to instead split the Hot 100 into two groups–50 men and 50 women.

READ THIS PART BEFORE GETTING BUTTHURT PLEASE. The last time I tried this I did alphabetical order, but then people couldn’t read and got butthurt over the order, so I’m going to attempt to rank this time so if people are gonna get butthurt they’ll at least be accurate about it. I spent a good long time and did a lot of soul-searching when creating this list, so if you’re mad I didn’t include your fave, well, I also left off some of my own faves too. Even with 50 spaces there just wasn’t enough room to include everyone. Some idols I find attractive were also left off because of inactivity, and since this is a 2015 list, it would be disingenuous to include someone who was last seen in 2012. Google image searching 50 guys and picking an HQ photo for each takes longer than you think. Finally, if you know me, you know I have some fucked-up taste in men, and this highly objective and impartial post is still largely predicated on my own personal tastes. Having read all this, if you’re going to leave a butthurt comment, please preface said butthurt with “Dear fangirl proctologist,” so I at least know it’s informed butthurt.

Finally, there will be no underaged idols on this list so if your favorite fetus isn’t here, that’s why.

Obviously, this post is extremely image heavy. I don’t own any of these images.


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MBLAQ has bad blood

MBLAQ - Mirror (거울) MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD-3You know I’ve been a big fan of MBLAQ for a long time. And by that I mean MBLAQ, not M3LAQ. I was bummed when the group split up in 2014, though I can’t say I was surprised, because the writing had been on the wall for a long time. MBLAQ peaked with “Y” and “Stay” and it was a gradual slide into irrelevance after that. It’s not something I can entirely blame the group for, either. In fact, I mostly blame their shoddy company. K-pop fans like to trot out MR-removed videos on youtube to boast about their faves’ talents (though it’s already been argued why MR-removed videos don’t really prove anything) but unless you’re either 12 or mentally 12, you can’t honestly believe that vocal talent and quality of songs are the sole factors in a group’s popularity. JTC dropped the ball big-time when it came to MBLAQ’s promotion and marketing, and those are huge factors in determining a group’s popularity.

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2014 in Review: The Good, the Bad, and the Meh

2014 was quite the roller coaster year in K-pop. Here, I present Ahjummas Anon’s year in review.


You may wonder why some popular or chart-dominating songs are curiously absent from my top picks. The only reason I can give is that my choices are completely and 100% subjective, based purely on my own opinions. Does that make this post biased? Hell yeah, it does. I’m not even trying to front like it isn’t. I am not claiming to represent anyone else’s opinions but my own. I did solicit suggestions from friends and twitter followers, but all of my commentary is my own honest opinion. Obviously, as with any opinion piece, you’re welcome to disagree, but popularity or chart position was never a factor in any of my picks. If it’s a popularity contest you seek, I suggest fan-voted year-end lists instead.

I am linking, not embedding youtube videos since the embeds will significantly slow the loading of this page.

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“G.O Belongs With Me” or Ailee’s “I Will Show You”-A Recap

Ailee first broke into the K-pop scene with “Heaven,” a power ballad that showed off her pipes. “Heaven” was a great song. “I Will Show You” … not so much.

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Phallic symbols, glycerine tears, and man pain – A Review of MBLAQ "It's War"

Oh, MBLAQ. What am I going to do with you?

I really wanted to like this MV. Judging by the teasers, it had all the elements necessary for me to love it–black leather, phallic-shaped weapons, lots of guyliner, beautiful men crying. So what went wrong?

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