The Virgin King of TMI returns: A mini-album review

I swear Alexander Lee Eusebio’s existence is the biggest mindfuck since the season finales of LOST. I can’t with this guy. A former U-KISS member, he is most known for his ridiculous hairstyles, devout Christianity, word vomiting all over twitter, and general insanity. He is one exceptional individual. Yet, fangirls (and probably some fanboys) all over the Internet still want to bone him. Go figure.

Oh, right.

I must confess to being a part of their ranks, but in my defense, crazy people can make great lays. Furthermore, the guy speaks seven languages (often all at the same time), so he clearly possesses exceptional oral sensitivity. Or maybe we’re all looking for one-way tickets to special hale. On his twitter, he has dubbed himself the Virgin King, yet proceeds to constantly bait fangirls with blatant innuendo. Harry Plinkett, if you are reading this, I think we have finally found a bigger galactic cocktease than Padmé Amidala. He is also quite fond of TMI, not that that puts off the fans. I wonder what the Virgin King of TMI thinks of his most popular tags over on perfection, please let me lick you, marry me, xander, sexiest.

But as much fun as discussing him as a sexual object has been, I’m here to review his mini-album, “I Just.” The fact that it is named after a sentence fragment is really indicative of the effort put forth on its presentation. It is clear his company spared no expense. Check out some stills from the music video for “I Just” (courtesy of fuckyeahukiss on tumblr):

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