Ahjummas Anonymous

Musings of a 30-something international K-pop fan


I created this blog to share my thoughts on K-pop as an older international fan who doesn’t fit the perception of K-pop fen as teenage girls or creepy ass ahjusshi. I’m a creepy ass ahjumma, thank you very much.

There are many, many other K-pop blogs out there, but I believe this one has some content to offer that helps it stand on its own. Seeing as I have no expertise whatsoever in music or the music industry, I can’t say jack shit about that; however, I am good at overanalyzing things (in real life, I am a pretentious academic) and being a funny person. Ergo, overanalyses of K-pop with an emphasis on humor. My sense of humor is admittedly not for everyone and in fact is likely to cause butthurt among K-pop fen who can’t deal with profane language and people mocking their oppas, so if you’re easily offended by such things, this is not the blog for you.

Finally, I also wanted to create a more girl group/female idol-friendly space that isn’t dominated by a straight male perspective. This isn’t to say I’ll never cover boy groups–in fact, I was a mostly boy group fan when I started this blog, but let us not discuss that dark chapter of my past–but rather to create a space that will be generally positive toward female idols when they are discussed here. While I am not sure I can call this a feminist blog seeing as it’s mostly just a collection of shitposts, I suppose they are shitposts with a feminist slant.

If you have any further questions, fill out this nifty contact form and we’ll try to clear things up when I’m not too fucking busy and/or lazy.

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