I’m not as into Exo as I used to be, yet somehow I keep recapping them, so I guess they’re doing something right.

It seems that SM has decided that everything Exo released after “Wolf” was too normal and it was time to start fucking with K-pop fen’s heads. Not Exo-l’s heads, because Exo-l will love anything Exo throws at us. No, really. Watching the Kokobop music video was one of the weirdest and most surreal experiences I had ever had, and I hadn’t even been drinking. I could not decide if I liked the song or not, because I could not parse what the fuck I had just watched. Sad to say, several views later, I still am unsure what the fuck I just watched.

Cannot decide if hallucinogens or bath bombs. Probably the same effect either way.

I’ve never dropped acid, but I imagine that watching this MV is the closest simulation to that experience possible. About halfway through I started to question if I am a real person watching a real music video or if I’ve fallen into some alternate dimension where the rules of time, space, and existence no longer apply. I cannot decide if Kokobop is a complete fucking mess or a complete fucking mess I like. I cannot decide if I’m genuinely entertained or if my brain so busy trying to compute these disparate sounds and images that it just thinks it is. Kokobop is that unsolvable equation in Star Trek: TNG that Picard wants to upload into the Borg collective and their brains all short-circuit trying to solve it. Kokobop is Star Trek: Enterprise if it were a K-pop music video.

Great, now this shit is stuck in my head. Thanks, assholes.

I have no idea what the fuck is happening. So here’s a picture of Xiumin staring at some CGI and contemplating his life.