So the latest scandal to rock the K-pop world is VIXX Ken writing swear words on the VIXX anniversary broadcast.

Naturally, cue performance show outrage from both knetz (well, what translated comments I can read, which I’m well aware are dependent on the selections of the translator, so take that as you will). To be fair, I have been told by a friend fluent in Korean that “bitch” has a different meaning in the language than it does in English, and it’s a much more serious and misogynistic slur. I’m having a bit of trouble finding an English equivalent, unless you strip “bitch” of its reclamation/watering-down over the years and think back to the way it was initially used. A lot of feminists still object to reclaiming efforts, though given my frequent casual usage of the word, I’m clearly not one of them. That being said, given the different connotations of the word in Korean, I can understand the reaction of some Korean fans. Most ifen, however, probably know even less Korean than I do, and seeing as the only thing that gets them more tingly in the no-no places than their faves is some good ol’ fashioned performance show social justice outrage at someone else’s, I’m not inclined to take them any more seriously than I usually do.

Personally, I’m not inclined to get all unglued over this shit, because have y’all even read this blog, and I doubt much more is going on here than Ken being a dumb ass troll exhibiting questionable choices in cuss words. Ken, if you can read this shit, a) please don’t read any of my VIXX recaps b) let’s meet up and marathon the Trailer Park Boys so you can learn some proper, less misogynistic swears (albeit in English). You bring the soju, I bring the space weed. Cocksucker.