Stellar tries it with “Vibrato,” fails

I suppose titling the song “Subtle” would be disingenuous.

Well, if the goal of Stellar’s company was to get people talking, they succeeded.

Stellar remain best known for their attention-seeking “Marionette” video, which sparked controversy after featuring cliché sexy imagery and choreography dialed up to the point of farce and played completely straight. The members have expressed discomfort with the concept, but when their follow-up single “Fool”—a clap back at critics of “Marionette”—failed to garner the same level of attention, their company was back to their old tricks. “Vibrato” takes their “Marionette” concept a step further by hinting at self-awareness (and by “hinting” I mean “throwing sexual imagery at viewers with all the subtlety of a Mack truck”) and then ultimately playing the same farcical “sexy” tropes completely straight. Continue reading “Stellar tries it with “Vibrato,” fails”

Male gaze is the new black


It’s summertime in K-pop land which means a slew of girl group music videos featuring suggestive choreography and minimal clothing. There are a few possible reasons for this. One, it’s hot outside and they’d probably faint if they tried dancing in parkas; two, they’re probably appealing to a presumed straight male fan base. Yet each time a video drops, it’s met with a chorus of comments from straight female ifans complaining about all the “male gaze.”


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