MBLAQ - Mirror (거울) MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD-3You know I’ve been a big fan of MBLAQ for a long time. And by that I mean MBLAQ, not M3LAQ. I was bummed when the group split up in 2014, though I can’t say I was surprised, because the writing had been on the wall for a long time. MBLAQ peaked with “Y” and “Stay” and it was a gradual slide into irrelevance after that. It’s not something I can entirely blame the group for, either. In fact, I mostly blame their shoddy company. K-pop fans like to trot out MR-removed videos on youtube to boast about their faves’ talents (though it’s already been argued why MR-removed videos don’t really prove anything) but unless you’re either 12 or mentally 12, you can’t honestly believe that vocal talent and quality of songs are the sole factors in a group’s popularity. JTC dropped the ball big-time when it came to MBLAQ’s promotion and marketing, and those are huge factors in determining a group’s popularity.

But I’ve already waxed poetic about MBLAQ’s criminally slept-on musical offerings over the years. I’ve complained enough about JTC’s increasing cheapness and half-assedness with each subsequent comeback. Whatever the reason, it is what it is, and the group’s implosion in 2014 felt almost like a mercy killing.

Except that it wasn’t. After Joon and Thunder decided not to renew their contracts, and the remaining 3 members decided to continue with the group. They did not add any new members, unlike KARA, who also lost two original members recently when their contracts were up. It turns out Youngji’s addition was a wise decision on DSP’s part, as it seemed to breathe new life into the group and led to the release of some solid songs. Another thing KARA did right was to not go all Taylor Swift and pen their own “Bad Blood” directed at their departed members. As far as I can tell, all of the KARA members handled the split graciously, and if there was conflict, it wasn’t pulled to the forefront. But we all know that men are less catty and less dramatic than women, so the natural response was of course to release a comeback track that was an obvious middle finger at their departed members, to shade them in the press, and to change their logo to “M3LAQ.”

MBLAQ - Mirror (거울) MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD-1 MBLAQ - Mirror (거울) MV [English subs + Romanization + Hangul] HD-2

Nope, no symbolism here. Not at all.
Nope, no symbolism here. Not at all.


And don’t any of you come at me with the same tired excuses every time oppas show their asses in public: “mistranslation/misrepresentation/out of context!” “They have every right to express themselves!” “Well sure that’s what it looks like but it really isn’t like that!” “You weren’t there! You don’t know their lives!” If you have to go out of your way to explain why something that looks like a duck, walks like a duck, acts like a duck, etc. is really a goose, I’m thinking the logistical error is not on my account. I’m an Occam’s Razor kind of gal. We’re not talking about rumors or netizen “analyses” of candid photos/video clips; we’re talking actual words that were actually said and actual actions that were actually taken.  I have no choice but to conclude that M3LAQ are, indeed, stirring shit, regardless of how much I want to believe it or not.


Because honestly? I didn’t want to think M3LAQ would conduct themselves in such a way after the split. While it’s true this behavior is not without precedent (see also: DBSK) I had hoped for more from them, particularly since there are no lawsuits involved, just members departing when their contracts were up. I’ve never been a fan of the public airing of dirty laundry, regardless of the circumstances. That shit ain’t cute. Joon and Thunder have only publicly expressed well wishes to the group, and thus far have kept mum about this alleged diss. I’m not sure what M3LAQ’s objective is here, to drum up public sympathy or get attention (if that was the case, they’re failing spectacularly—“Mirror” has been languishing on the charts). All these actions really accomplish is to further fracture the fanbase, which—let’s be real here—hasn’t been going all that strong in recent years. The very fact that a fan as dedicated as myself is writing this post shows that they really done stepped in it this time.

In the interests of full disclosure, yes, I am and was always Joon biased. But I would feel the same way regardless. Even if it was a group I don’t follow, I’d be pointing and laughing and making bad photoshop edits…. Oh wait

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