Sexy Is As Sexy Does Part 2: U-KISS Bugaloo

A few days ago, I recapped U-KISS’s latest music video for “Quit Playing.” At the time the recap was written, the video had just been released and there wasn’t much time to gauge fan reaction (the iFan spaces I haunt generally responded positively, although, as I mentioned in the recap, some were bothered by the sexist implications of the narrative, a concern that is not unfounded). Apparently, there’s been a bit of blowback among Kissmes (since I heard this information secondhand via a post on omonatheydidnt, I am uncertain if it is from kFans or iFans). Apparently, some fans expressed discomfort with the adult nature of the video. Presumably as a result, Kevin posted a tweet apologizing to the fans who were offended and going to great lengths to distance himself from the concept and make it known that he disagrees with it and would not have chosen it personally. And this was my general response to the tweet:


I haven’t yet spoken about this topic here, but have in other places, and am taking a lot of heat for my stance. So I’m writing out this post in an attempt to clarify my reasoning and elucidate my meaning.

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It’s a Recap Two-Fer: U-KISS – “Quit Playing” and VIXX – “Eternity”

I fear there are too many music videos full of pretty boys coming out lately, and I am unable give them each the full recap treatment in a timely manner. It’s unfortunate. So I’m going to so a special two-fer tonight. Double the recap, double the pretty boys!


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