“Put Your Shades On”: Blindsided by Bigstar

bs kaori (3)

At first, I had a hard time telling if the rookie group Bigstar were a parody group or if they were legit. If they are a parody, it’s fucking brilliant. If they are legit, it’s still fucking brilliant.

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“G.O Belongs With Me” or Ailee’s “I Will Show You”-A Recap

Ailee first broke into the K-pop scene with “Heaven,” a power ballad that showed off her pipes. “Heaven” was a great song. “I Will Show You” … not so much.

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50 Shades Movie Picks: Asian Persuasion Part 1

Not sure if all y’all have been following Jennifer Armintrout’s sublime 50 Shades recaps, but if you’re not, then you really should. Her movie cast picks post is the inspiration for this one.

There have been many fancasts for the movie, but most have been so blindingly white it’s like a bleach convention up in here (although to be fair, that can also be blamed on E.L. James, whose only major character of color is a composite of lovely stereotypes). So I am here to remedy this grievous oversight. Ladies and gents, let me present my picks for 50 Shades of Grey: Asian Persuasion.

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