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The Virgin King of TMI returns: A mini-album review

I swear Alexander Lee Eusebio’s existence is the biggest mindfuck since the season finales of LOST. I can’t with this guy. A former U-KISS member, he is most known for his ridiculous hairstyles, devout Christianity, word vomiting all over twitter, … Continue reading

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troublemaker: a coda

No, Hyuna and Larry do not pull an Alias-like magical plot twist and are actually secretly alive because the ones who killed each other were actually their doubles and the real Hyuna and Larry are still out there and will … Continue reading

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I Shall Defy the Laws of Physics, or U-KISS "TickTack" music video review

  OK so you guys know I’ve got mad love for U-KISS by now. Probably more than is healthy. So I have to recap their latest video “TickTack.”┬áIt’s actually a J-pop song, and not a K-pop one, but whatever, it’s … Continue reading

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but-but… what happened to the cat?

OK so Hyuna and Hyunseung–excuse me, JS–collaboration “Troublemaker” has been quite the controversial topic lately in the online K-pop community (like pretty much anything else Hyuna has ever done). So of course I’m going to talk about it here.

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