i think we are being punk'd

There is really no other explanation I can find for the catastrophe that is Heart2heart’s “Facebook Official.” For those who don’t know, Heart2heart are a fledgling boy band mentored by Lance Bass, who may be jockeying against Misha Collins for Biggest Troll of His Own Fandom. In which case, bravo, Lance. Bravo. Heart2heart have debuted to such a deafening buzz that they have resorted to tagging their videos with popular K-pop groups such as Big Bang, SNSD, and Super Junior to gain attention. Somehow B1A4 found their way into the tags as well. Congrats, B1A4. You know you’ve arrived when attention hungry nugu boy bands stick your name in their youtube tags.

It seems that Heart2heart are attempting to court the K-pop audience by ripping off¬†incorporating a lot of k-pop-esque elements into their video. And while there is that adage “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” i’m not sure how flattering it is to associate k-pop with this clusterfuck. To quote Beyonce, “this is a disastuh.”

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