YUNHO: Dude, check out my new look. It’s like, Billy Ray Cyrus meets Foghorn Leghorn. Badass, right? I call it chic-ken. Like “chic” + “chicken.” Get it?
MAX: Dude, maybe it’s time to lay off the soju.
YUNHO: You’re one to talk. Where did you get those janky clip-ons from, my old Barbies?
MAX: …
YUNHO: I meant my sister’s old Barbies.
MAX: Sure you did, Yunho. Sure you did.

MAX: The 80s were a great era.
YUNHO: The music, yes. The fashion? Not so much.
MAX: God, you are killing my buzz here. I’m trying to look sexy, OK?
YUNHO: With that home perm? Good luck.

YUNHO: In order to expand our international appeal, I’m going to dance an Irish jig!
MAX: I think I stepped in dog poo

YUNHO: Jeez Max, you eat an entire package of Funyuns or what?
MAX: Look who’s talking, soju breath.
YUNHO: You couldn’t find some tic-tacs or anything?
MAX: Can you not? You’re ruining the shoot.
YUNHO: I am not drunk enough for this.