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noona noona jimmmaaaaaaa

OK, you know I’ve got mad love for Teen Top. No, really. Stop looking at me like that. “No More Perfume On You” has been my jam lately. Mostly because I didn’t know what the words meant.¬†Thanks to Simon and … Continue reading

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We love the 80s

YUNHO: Dude, check out my new look. It’s like, Billy Ray Cyrus meets Foghorn Leghorn. Badass, right? I call it chic-ken. Like “chic” + “chicken.” Get it? MAX: Dude, maybe it’s time to lay off the soju. YUNHO: You’re one … Continue reading

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First poast

Greetings, friends and Korean pop music (k-pop) lovers and drive-by snarkers. You might know me from my teen movie/TV/lit blog, The Unicorner. Here I will continue to do what I do best–provide my unsolicited and completely unbiased commentary and hope … Continue reading

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